The following is an excerpt from our official press release! If you are going to ECoat16, have an electrocoating or product finishing business, or just love to read up on the latest technical advancements in industrial chemical wastewater treatment, you can see the full release HERE.

Plymouth Technology, the industrial wastewater chemical experts based out of Rochester Hills, MI, has announced that Vice-President Steven Buday will be speaking at the ECOAT16 show on February 17th at 2:30 PM. Mr. Buday will be introducing Alternative Methods of Treatment and Disposal of Electrocoat Paint, focusing on reducing labor requirements, minimizing capital equipment and associated costs through the use of Plymouth Technology’s superabsorbent polymers.

“A chief bottleneck in the wastewater management process is dewatering the detackified paint solids,” said Mr. Buday, “This translates into added labor to unclog, clean, or even replace filter press plate ports. If an undersized press is being operated, multiple press cycles will be required per detakification treatment as well. The new process is dramatically simpler and significantly lowers the total cost of operations.”

Don’t forget to checkout our friends over at Products Finishing Magazine, the Electrocoat Association, and ECoat16 for more information.

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