Imagine for a moment, you just purchased a high-end sports car that you have invested a lot of time, energy, and money to make sure it was the perfect driving machine. Now the time has come to feed the beast, you are presented with two fuel choices; Regular and Premium. What do you put in the tank?

In that scenario, the choice is obvious. You wouldn’t heavily invest in something, just to turn around and not protect it both inside and out. The same is true for your water and wastewater systems! You expect your system to last, so protect it with the RIGHT chemistry! The right chemistry is not always the most expensive, but cheap chemistry is a welcome mat for system failure and additional costs to replace what your low-cost provider’s chemicals failed to protect.

Plymouth Technology is committed to finding the right chemistry that provides optimal system protection at the lowest cost, because your system is too important for “cookie-cutter” chemistry! If you would like one of our highly trained water professionals to survey your system at no cost or commitment, call us at (248) 537-0081 or send an e-mail to!