Plymouth Now Offers Liquid and Gel Hand Sanitizer!

Hanzol Hand Sanitizer

Wastewater Treatment

We provide wastewater solutions and the experience necessary to maintain discharge compliance with minimal cost, maximum throughput and less sludge. Plymouth can get you the results you need fast.

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Food Processing

Our chemistry controls the formation of scale and effectively manages microbiological contamination protecting plant personnel, equipment and processed products while staying FDA compliant.

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Plymouth Technology products suppress foam (defoamer) or prevent foam from being created (antifoam). We identify optimal feed points for our proprietary foam control technologies to avoid foam creation.

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Our exceptional customer service is one of the reasons that our customers keep choosing Plymouth for decades.

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The Wastewater Experts

Since 1991, Plymouth has been partnering with customers to provide solutions to the most challenging problems in industrial wastewater. Plymouth is a trusted resource and often provides our customers with a full line of waste, boiler, cooling and reverse osmosis specialty chemicals.

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The Varsity Team

Customers call us when they have extremely difficult wastewater challenges and others have failed to find a solution. Some of our best customers were referred by industry insiders who know that Plymouth is the company to call when you need the “Varsity Team” to achieve compliance, reduce out of control costs or increase throughput. Have a tough challenge?

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