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Stacey Simms
Human Resource Director

Meet Stacey Simms
Human Resource & Executive Assistant

Stacey Simms directs human resources & operational activities including executive administration for president, personnel recruitment, and development. She is responsible for facilitating employee training & feedback, along with promoting the corporate image by representing the president internally and externally.

Stacey’s is well versed in the complexities of managing internal staff training, development, performance, and payroll and benefit administration. Her focus extends to relationship building and serving as a liaison between the president, key executives, suppliers, network partners and employees.

Career Highlights

Stacey joined Plymouth Technology in 2002 after serving as Branch Manager at Manpower, Inc. Stacey developed many of the policies and procedures that improved efficiencies and continue to spur growth at Plymouth Technology.

Additionally, she implemented and directs Plymouth's internship program which supports 18-24 interns each year. Stacey also serves as an active member on Plymouth Technology’s Strategic & Business Planning Team and Champion of staffing and talent mapping.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Training and Development from Oakland University.


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