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The plating industry includes a wide variety of surface-preparation applications found in the manufacturing sector.

The metals involved in the plating industry can include zinc, tin, lead, cadmium, copper, nickel and other metals currently regulated by the USEPA and the Clean Water Act. In addition, the manufacturing configurations employed by platers have a significant impact on the wastewater challenges presented to the company. A barrel plater may have different challenges than a rack plater, or a coil coater. A variety of substrates are found in this industry, whether it be steel, galvanneal, aluminum, or even plastics. But all types of platers have one thing in common - a need to consistently meet wastewater discharge compliance regulations and to operate as efficiently as possible.

Plymouth Technology offers this unique industry a comprehensive knowledge of their manufacturing processes, business climate challenges, and wastewater treatment needs. Plymouth Technology has been successfully treating metal-contaminated wastewater for many years. We have developed a variety of proprietary treatment programs specifically designed and tailored for the typical manufacturing configurations found in this industry. In addition, our unique Metals Removal System technology has proven invaluable to numerous plating customers for its ability to effectively remove chelated metals and other contaminants to meet effluent requirements and even to recycle water back to the process. Our field formulation chemists all have extensive experience with the challenges this industry faces and are ready to serve you. Our comprehensive service plan will generate spectacular results in the areas of wastewater treatment and in operations as well.


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